“Not my Child!” Well, It Probably Is

Trigger Warning: Racism

This is not going to be easy for you to watch.
But it is necessary for you to watch.

We have to do better as parents. This video was shot by kids. Kids who have now been exposed and whose futures are ruined. This is not kids being kids; this is reality.

Some will say, Not my children.

Newsflash: it very well might/could be.

What if this were your child? Have the conversation.
This is not okay!

I am talking to my friends all over the world, If you are seeing this, this message is for you. If this was your child, there is no coming back from this; there is no amount of damage control that will restore your child’s livelihood.

Have the conversation!

FYI, I found the video on the page and am only concerned with the showing of the video. I do not follow or have any affiliation with the page nor condone or care about the comments.


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